Why Polan & Hollis, LLC?

Polan & Hollis is attuned to the operational environment of the business community. Since 1983, we have been helping clients by performing and organizing their audit, accounting and budgeting process, and meeting their tax, reporting, and compliance requirements through the implementation of solid financial systems.

At Polan & Hollis, we put our best resources to work for you. The infrastructure of our firm has brought together extremely talented CPA’s and professionals in a working environment conducive to innovation and efficiency. Our philosophy is management oriented. We will concentrate on maintaining a close and constructive relationship with you at all times and be continuously responsive to your needs. 

We offer a wide variety of technical expertise which provides us a vast technical edge over other firms. We are a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who together offer-in-depth knowledge of auditing, accounting, tax and reporting requirements, a high level of technical ability, and comprehensive experience with organizations such as yours.

As accountants, we have an active, vested interest in our client’s continued well being. Thus, while centering attention on the attest function, we also consider ourselves in a unique position to help clients improve operations through formal and informal recommendations for financial reporting, internal procedures and overall operating efficiencies. Our accounting and tax knowledge along with our experience combine state of the art applications with up-to-date knowledge of the requirements of your business.

Qualitative Benefits

The Following is a specific list of qualitative benefits gained by utilizing Polan & Hollis:

  • Ability to provide additional information for management decisions,
  • The ability to receive timely prepared financial statements and tax returns,
  • Assistance in bringing consistency and structure to the accounting process,
  • Improve the effectiveness of financial reporting,
  • Provides planning and compliance for all tax related issues, and
  • Provides planning and compliance for all government related issues.



Polan & Hollis, LLC
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