Polan & Hollis, LLC is pleased to present this Firm Overview.

We handle accounting, audit, tax, management and planning needs for many clients in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area, concentrating on engagements for closely held businesses. Based on our extensive experience, Polan & Hollis offers our clients many benefits:

    1. Comprehensive knowledge of the issues closely held businesses,
    2. A complete understanding of accounting, audit and tax requirements,
    3. Extensive financial statement experience working on compilations, reviews and audits, including audits under government standards, and
    4. An in-depth knowledge of accounting systems.
    5. Offering a complete range of financial services.

In addition, we are available to provide expertise in financing, system design, automation, indirect and direct cost rates, tax planning litigation support and management services. At Polan & Hollis, we feel that the key components of our services to your organization is our in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of successful businesses, our philosophy of maintaining a close and constructive relationship with you at all times, and on being continuously responsive to your needs.



Polan & Hollis, LLC
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