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At Polan & Hollis, we put our best resources to work for you. The infrastructure of our firm has brought together extremely talented CPA’s and professionals in a working environment conducive to innovation and efficiency. Our philosophy is management oriented. We will concentrate on maintaining a close and constructive relationship with you at all times and be continuously responsive to your needs.

During our 35+ years, we have gained considerable experience with and serviced a wide variety of organizations & industries including:

     • Consultants
     • Computer companies
     • Construction Contractors
     • Government Contractors
     • Non-Profit Organizations
     • Professional Corporation
     • Real Estate Companies
     • Retail Whole businesses


2273 Research Blvd  Suite 520  ●  Rockville, MD 20850  ●  Phone 301 216-1120  ●  Fax 301 216-3946

Our website contains over 100 pages of tax and financial articles, calculators, links and database pages to assist you in all of your financial needs.
Please bookmark our site and use it as a daily financial resource.

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